New Users: Getting Contacts

When you are new to the 3seventy Portal, you will want to follow these steps to get started:


1. Decide how contacts will opt-in to your SMS program

  • Will they text a Keyword to a short code? 
  • Do you have an existing list of contacts who already agreed to receive SMS from you?
  • Is there an external CRM or other contact management system where your contacts are housed?

2. Add Internal Contacts First

For the sake of testing, make sure to add yourself and any other decision makers into the platform first. You can either manually add these contacts with the "Add Contact" button under Manage Contacts or Import a contact list. 

Either way, make sure to create a Contact Attribute first - something to identify those folks as internal (suggest calling it Internal or InternalContact and setting the data to Yes/No). 


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Create a Contact Attribute


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Manually Add Contact

3. Make Contact Lists

In the 3seventy Platform / Portal, you setup a contact list by defining how you want your contacts to be filtered (segmented). This means you can create a list (segment) before you even have contacts in your account. Lists are dynamic, so as people opt-in or add a new contact attribute, they will be automatically added to the lists you pre-build. 

  • The base of every contact list will be "Contact Is a Subscriber" (see screenshot)
  • Add the Contact Attributes that define that list. (Suggest the first list is your "Internal Contacts List"
  • Contacts > Manage Contact Lists > Create List

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4. Get people opted-in

  • Setup a keyword in your account (see related post)
  • Use the API to integrate into your existing system
  • Add an Opt-In form onto your website. You can use our plugin. 
  • Import a contact list in a CSV file (screenshot below)

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